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The gift they get to pick.

The perfect present? Letting them choose their favorite books, every month.

Fun to give. Fun to get.

Gift members get their pick of each month's best new books. Plus, shipping is free for you!

We pick five.
They pick their fave.

You look like a dang-good gift-giver.

Signed, sealed, delivered

We’ll mail your recipient their gift card—printed on fancy double-thick cardstock—with a custom note from you and a lot of love from us.

Their new favorite books

We peruse thousands of new books to bring members the five best reads every month, including early releases and debut novels.

At their convenience

Your lucky giftee will have their pick of the lit—but they can always skip a month if they’re a little behind on their reading.

Any questions?

Check out our Gifts FAQ for even more info.