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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Turtles All the Way Down

by John Green

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From everyone's favorite young adult author (no, really, ask your mom!) comes his latest sure-to-delight novel. John Green has been more than a little secretive about the contents of Turtles All the Way Down, so we can't tell you much'”we haven't even been allowed to read it till the end! He is truly the king of avoiding spoilers. But here's what we can say: Turtles follows the friendship of two complicated teenage girls as they go on an adventure to try to locate a missing billionaire. And if we know John Green, there will be plenty of quotable quotes and magic along the way.

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  • Salem , OR

    I love John Green’s story telling. This proved to be one of his best & most honest pieces of work. The spaces he allowed us to enter in the mind of the main character were raw & real & beautiful. ❤️

  • Costa Mesa, CA

    John Green is back with a classic YA novel that has me wanting to reread Looking for Alaska. The mental health discusses are eye-opening and his usage of italics get the point across. Highly recommend

  • North Las Vegas, NV

    The story of Aza pulls you in very quickly. Her weird quirks are so relatable to the point where you instantly build sympathy for her. Awesome mystery book and the next page always makes you want more

  • Hopewell, VA

    I waited so long for this book! John Green, is AH-MAZING!! This book is a MUST READ! Trigger Warning for those who suffer with OCD and Anxiety (likemyself). This book made me feel many emotions!!!!!!!

  • Olive Hill, KY

    This book had me hook for 4 days straight! I did not want to put it down and was reading it every second I could ! Even at work! I was absolutely pleased with it I even offered it to a friend to read!

  • Astoria , NY

    Incredibly eye-opening. It sheds a light on what too many young adults go through on a daily basis but are unable to find a voice to express it. This book is such a positive contribution to the world.

  • Menifee, CA

    This book does a wonderful job of putting you in the mind of the character. After reading it I'm able to understand better what it's like to have OCD, and I can relate because of my own mental health.

  • Monroe, NC

    Green does an excellent job not only depicting what mental illness and anxiety feels like for those who suffer from it, but also its effects on those closest to the individuals who suffer from either.

  • Salem, NJ

    Oddly enough, I could place many of the characters and their characteristics to people in real life. The portrayal of the mind of someone suffering with mental illness was incredibly realistic! Loved!

  • Burlington, MA

    This book is a love story to those who struggle with mental illness. The story is told with compassion, wit, and honesty. There is no magic cure for many of life's problems, but compassion is a balm.

  • Columbia , SC

    I can't stop thinking about this book since I've finished it. I turned to page 1 expecting one thing and came out of the spiral at page 286 completely and utterly delighted to have read what I read.

  • Racine, OH

    This book is everything you expect in a book from John Green. It has some mystery, love, and a girl trying to deal with the thoughts in her head. It is hands down one of my favorite books of all time

  • Denver, CO

    Simply, I love John Green. This book adds to that love. I think he is a good writer, but also tackles real ideas. He is able to make his young characters deal with real problems, which is hard to do.

  • Tacoma, WA

    The most emotionally raw of Green's books to date, it makes you feel every bit as trapped in Aza's disordered mind as she is -- in a good way. If you want to understand anxiety and OCD, start here.

  • Cantonment , FL

    I absolutely loved this book, mainly for one reason: it was like reading a book from someone who'd been inside my head. It was both refreshing and awesome to see a main character who isn't perfect.

  • Victorville , CA

    This book was completely amazing. I am so in love with it! I picked this book not knowing much about it, and it was exactly what I needed in my life right now. READ IT NOW!!! and then read it again!

  • Calmar, IA

    Turtles All the Way Down is classic John Green with a story with interesting twists, explorations of young love/lust, friendship and tension, and characters finding ways to cope with mental illness.

  • Muncie, IN

    Such a real look into what it's like for those living with disorders, such as OCD. John's use of humor keeps the book from being too heavy, but it's still thought provoking and beautiful. Loved it!

  • Cleveland, OH

    Green, who lives with OCD, wrote about the mind of someone with mental illness so poignantly that it gave me some difficult flashbacks - though, as always, his dialogue is too witty to be realistic.

  • Mesa, AZ

    Perfect depiction of anxiety. I found myself relating in so many ways to this book. I loved how accurate he was with all the mental spirals I take, and those with anxiety take. A wonderful read.