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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

Turtles All the Way Down

by John Green

Excellent choice

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Why I love it

From everyone's favorite young adult author (no, really, ask your mom!) comes his latest sure-to-delight novel. John Green has been more than a little secretive about the contents of Turtles All the Way Down, so we can't tell you much'”we haven't even been allowed to read it till the end! He is truly the king of avoiding spoilers. But here's what we can say: Turtles follows the friendship of two complicated teenage girls as they go on an adventure to try to locate a missing billionaire. And if we know John Green, there will be plenty of quotable quotes and magic along the way.

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Member ratings (883)

  • Chandra C.

    Salem , OR

    I love John Green’s story telling. This proved to be one of his best & most honest pieces of work. The spaces he allowed us to enter in the mind of the main character were raw & real & beautiful. ❤️

  • Alexis J.

    North Las Vegas, NV

    The story of Aza pulls you in very quickly. Her weird quirks are so relatable to the point where you instantly build sympathy for her. Awesome mystery book and the next page always makes you want more

  • Danielle W.

    Costa Mesa, CA

    John Green is back with a classic YA novel that has me wanting to reread Looking for Alaska. The mental health discusses are eye-opening and his usage of italics get the point across. Highly recommend

  • Melody H.

    Burlington, MA

    This book is a love story to those who struggle with mental illness. The story is told with compassion, wit, and honesty. There is no magic cure for many of life's problems, but compassion is a balm.

  • Alexis F.

    Salem, NJ

    Oddly enough, I could place many of the characters and their characteristics to people in real life. The portrayal of the mind of someone suffering with mental illness was incredibly realistic! Loved!

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