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A Winter in New York  by Josie Silver

A Winter in New York

3peat author

Josie Silver is officially a 3-time author at BOTM, which is a pretty big deal!

by Josie Silver

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Quick take

This delicious rom-com has all the right ingredients: secret family recipes, holiday vibes, and a big pinch of love.

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When Iris decides to move to New York to restart her life, she realizes she underestimated how big the Big Apple really is—all the nostalgic movies set in New York she’d watched with her mom while eating their special secret-recipe gelato didn’t quite do it justice.

But Bobby, Iris’s best friend, isn’t about to let her hide away. He drags her to a famous autumn street fair in Little Italy, and as they walk through the food stalls, a little family-run gelateria catches her eye—could it be the same shop that’s in an old photo of her mother’s?

Curious, Iris returns the next day and meets the handsome Gio, who tells her that the shop is in danger of closing. His uncle, sole keeper of their family’s gelato recipe, is in a coma, so they can’t make more. When Iris samples the last remaining batch, she realizes that their gelato and her gelato are one and the same. But how can she tell them she knows their secret recipe when she’s not sure why Gio’s uncle gave it to her mother in the first place?

Iris offers her services as a chef to help them re-create the flavor and finds herself falling for Gio and his family. But when Gio’s uncle finally wakes up, all of the secrets Iris has been keeping threaten to ruin the new life—and new love—she’s been building all winter long.

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A Winter in New York

Valentine’s Day


You know when a high-octane scene in a movie goes slo-mo for dramatic effect, and you hold your breath and ask yourself will the person on the screen leap the burning chasm between high-rise buildings or catch the priceless vase before it shatters into a hundred pieces? I feel like someone just pressed the slo-mo button on my life as I reach out to grab the final copy of the book I’ve been waiting on for the last year straight, and someone beside me makes the exact same move at the exact same time. I see their coat sleeve stretch out beside mine and I make an unceremonious lunge, a relay racer throwing out her arm for the baton because nothing but a win will do. My fingertips graze the cover, actual contact, but no-no-no, their—his arm is bloody longer and at the last moment I feel the book slide away from me into his hand.

“But I touched it.” I can’t stop the words from rasping out of my mouth as I panic-clutch imaginary pearls around my neck. That book was my Valentine gift to myself, and given everything I’ve been through, I think I deserve it.

His face is a mask of faux innocence when he turns to me.

“But I was here first,” I mumble, like a crestfallen child who just got shoved off the last seat in a game of musical chairs.

He flips the book over to read the back. “I didn’t see you, sorry.”

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Why I love it

On the BOTM editorial team we have a tradition. When we encounter a tough case of the Mondays or are struggling with a critical project, we all take a quick trip to the gelato shop around the corner from our office. I have yet to see this method fail. So it doesn’t surprise me that in her new novel, A Winter in New York, Josie Silver spins a holiday romance bound together by a secret family gelato recipe as satisfying and refreshing as a scoop of the good stuff.

Iris moves to New York City to get a fresh start. She is in a funk and misses her departed mother dearly. Growing up she saw sepia-toned photos of a gelato shop in Little Italy and wondered what its connection to her family was and if it was the source for her mom’s incomparable vanilla gelato. Then one day her best friend, working overtime to pull her out of her doldrums, drags Iris to a festival where she discovers the shop for the first time. Only, she learns it may go out of business because the one family member who knows the recipe is ill . . . Can Iris help save this gelato shop and maybe find love with its handsome manager?

This is a delightful wintry rom-com about making peace with the past and daring to give life (and love) a second chance. For a bit of yuletide cheer, scoop your copy today! It goes great with cocoa and a flannel blanket.

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Member ratings (16,373)

  • Katya A.

    Owasso, OK

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! 💝💝💝 it’s about life, love, trust, Moonstuck (iykyk), found family and gelato. 🤩 There are a few not so perfect moments but that’s life. And of course, there a HEA

  • Anna C.

    New Franklin, OH

    Picked this one on a whim.thought it may be too cheesy, but I was wrong,so good , couldn’t put it down.writing was beautiful,clever and sweet without being “annoyingly sweet”. Loved the history and🎵

  • Sarah L.

    Winooski, VT

    This was such a cute quick read around Christmas time, I loved the characters and it’s not cheesy, I usually don’t love romance novels like this but it was great I’ll be on the lookout for more by her

  • R T.

    Henrico, VA

    Josie Silver’s characters are always written with such nuance & shaded with a bit of grey that they feel like fully realized people. Iris is no exception. Grief, secrets, family & a redemption arc 💙

  • Kayla W.

    Lithia Springs, GA

    I love Josie Silver’s books and I loved this one. I was irked that the majority of the book is actually set in the fall though - not winter. That’s my biggest complaint. Otherwise, lovely as always.

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