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Goodnight Beautiful by Aimee Molloy

Goodnight Beautiful

by Aimee Molloy

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A tense read with characters you're not sure you can believe. No spoilers, but trust us—you won't guess that ending.

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Newlyweds Sam Statler and Annie Potter are head over heels, and excited to say good-bye to New York and start a life together in Sam's sleepy hometown in upstate New York. Or, it turns out, a life where Annie spends most of her time alone while Sam, her therapist husband, works long hours in his downstairs office, tending to the egos of his (mostly female) clientele.

Little does Sam know that through a vent in his ceiling, every word of his sessions can be heard from the room upstairs. The pharmacist's wife, contemplating a divorce. The well-known painter whose boyfriend doesn’t satisfy her in bed. Who could resist listening? Everything is fine until the French girl in the green mini Cooper shows up, and Sam decides to go to work and not come home, throwing a wrench into Sam and Annie's happily ever after.

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Goodnight Beautiful


October 20

I look up as a man with ruddy cheeks and a crew cut walks into the restaurant, shaking rain from his baseball cap. “Hey, sweetheart,” he calls to the pink-haired girl mixing drinks behind the bar. “Any chance you can hang this in the window?”

“Sure thing,” she says, nodding toward the piece of paper in his hand. “Another fundraiser for the fire department?”

“No, someone’s gone missing,” he says.

“Missing? What happened to her?”

“Not her. Him.”

Him? Well, that’s not something you hear every day.”

“Disappeared the night of the storm. Trying to get the word out.”

The door closes behind him as she walks to the end of the bar and picks up the flyer, reading aloud to the woman eating lunch at the corner seat. “Dr. Sam Statler, a local therapist, is six foot one, with black hair and green eyes. He’s believed to be driving a 2019 Lexus RX 350.” Whistling, she holds up the piece of paper. “Whoever he’s gone missing with is a lucky lady.” I steal a glance at Sam’s photograph—those eyes, that dimple, the word MISSING in seventy-two-point font above his head.

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Why I love it

The highest praise for a thriller is unfortunately the thing you’re mostly likely to hear about any average thriller. You won’t see the twist coming, proclaims the marketing copy, even though a voracious reader of the genre will, nine times out of ten, do just that. But here I am saying it: Goodnight Beautiful has so many unusual turns that I think you really will be taken by surprise.

Picture a little town in upstate New York, where Manhattan-based professionals in search of a slower pace might comfortably relocate. That’s just what Sam Statler, a handsome therapist, and his wife Annie have done. Annie fills her hours alone, adjusting to their new life, while Sam spends his days receiving clients in need of care. Despite a few secrets Annie and Sam are keeping from each other—and us readers—life proceeds normally until one day when Sam goes missing.

This isn’t just a search for a missing person—this is a madcap story that gave me the feeling of wandering through an empty house, afraid to turn a corner for fear of what’s lurking down the hall. Aimee Molloy entered the domestic suspense scene a few years ago with a splash, and her second novel does not disappoint. Good luck guessing the ending!

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Member ratings (7,655)

  • Reyia M.

    Salem, OR

    Amazing!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ so many twists and turns. Every chapter is a different point of view, a different character. You think you know what's happening and then suddenly a sharp turn left. Must read ????

  • Shannon P.

    San Francisco, CA

    WOW!! I loved this author’s debut but this book knocked it out of the park for me - I was genuinely surprised more than once during this thriller and in the best ways!! Highly recommend!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Tammy C.

    Basom, NY

    You’ll never guess what’s next doesn’t even begin to describe this twisty domestic thriller! I absolutely loved it. AND as an added BONUS there is a amazing nod to Stephen King built into the story ❤️

  • Mathea C.

    Vancouver, WA

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Enjoyable and kept me engaged throughout, but the ending is a little rushed. Reminds me of Steven King meets Mary Higgins Clark. Worth a read. Best paired with your favorite happy hour drink. ????

  • Cristin J.

    Grand Rapids, MI

    It’s like riding a rollercoaster in the backseat for the first time. You never know where it’s going to take you and just when you think you know, NOPE! Brace yourself, you won’t see the ending coming

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