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How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days

by K.M. Jackson

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Two friends take a wild road trip to stop the world's most eligible bachelor from making a big mistake—getting married.

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Bethany Lu Carlisle is devastated when the tabloids report actor Keanu Reeves is about to tie the knot. What?! How could the world's perfect boyfriend and forever bachelor, Keanu not realize that making a move like this could potentially be devastating to the equilibrium of...well...everything! Not to mention, he's never come face to face with the person who could potentially be his true soulmate—her.

Desperate to convince Keanu to call off the wedding, Lu and her ride-or-die BFF Truman Erikson take a wild road trip to search for the elusive Keanu so that Lu can fulfill her dream of meeting her forever crush and confess her undying love. From New York to Los Angeles, Lu and True get into all sorts of sticky situations. Will Lu be able to find Keanu and convince him she's the one for him? Or maybe she'll discover true love has been by her side all along . . .

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How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days



People always looked at me like I was half crazy. Made me feel like the odd girl out, but not True. Never True.

I guess that was why when he’d said I’d gone mad—or maybe the word he’d used was insane—this time I took it to heart. Sort of. Okay, fine. So I may have only briefly paused to give his reaction to my plan a smidge of consideration before continuing my full-steam-ahead charge.

But he had to understand, life was happening. The world was still spinning, even if it felt like mine had stopped. Once again.

Or maybe I wanted it to stop. I didn’t know. But that part didn’t matter, did it? Does it?

What mattered was that True got me. That he had me. That he understood, that he’d still be there for me, be my friend. Bring me back from the edge. Like before. Like always.

Besides, True always knew it was Keanu or nothing for me.

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Why I love it

I love a good romantic comedy. Give me a story that will make me laugh, swoon, sigh, and cheer and I'll be up until the early hours of the morning turning the pages until I get to that happily-ever-after ending. Throw in some of my favorite tropes: friends-to-lovers, secret crush, celebrity sightings, road trip, and "there's only one bed," and I’m in heaven. K. M. Jackson's How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days had everything I love in a rom-com and more. It is the perfect book escape when you’re looking for something fun, sexy, and sweet with a dash of adventure!

Bethany Lu Carlisle's life is spiraling out of control. When she discovers her celebrity crush, Keanu Reeves, is planning to get married in 90 days, she decides to track him down to convince him not to get married (or that she is his true love forever). Lucky for her, Truman "True" Erikson, her childhood friend and the most delicious and adoring cinnamon roll hero, offers to help make her dream come true.

Lu's and True's heartwarming road trip of self-discovery is a true delight. Not just because their chemistry lights up the pages, but also because the characters are lively, amusing and utterly relatable. Lu and True are both in their 40s but still burdened by past pain. From Coney Island rides to desert campers and from bungee jumps to casinos they find hope, healing, and true love in their quest for Keanu. Hilariously fun, I loved everything about this wonderful rom-com adventure!

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Member ratings (6,343)

  • Jennifer D.

    Osborne, KS

    Keanu Reeves has been my first love since I first seen him in the ‘80’s. This author has been in my head! This story was a fun romance with some comedy through out. I didn’t want the book to end.

  • Tiffany G.

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    When I read the title I had to have it. I didn’t care what it was about. And you know, it did not disappoint! I have had a fan girl crush on Keanu since Bill and Ted! So this book is a dream come true

  • Kristi M.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Like most rom-coms, I knew exactly how it would end when I started it, but it was such a fun read! I loved the two main characters and could picture their lives before and after the ending. Loved it!

  • amy L.

    Sarasota, FL

    A fun romcom that brings in the joy of the movies and love. This pager turner brightened my outlook on the word adventure. And i would say *uck me too if captain America ran into me in the bathroom!

  • Alexandria G.

    University Place, WA

    Keanu has been my love since I was little & while I don’t approve of someone else thinking they get to marry him (supposed to be me, duh) I did love the concept of this book! Funny & sweet! A fav!

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