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My Murder by Katie Williams
Literary fiction

My Murder

by Katie Williams

Quick take

Wife, mom, serial killer victim, clone. In this futuristic twist on domestic suspense, a woman tries to solve her own murder.

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What if the murder you had to solve was your own?

Lou is a happily married mother of an adorable toddler. She’s also the victim of a local serial killer. Recently brought back to life and returned to her grieving family by a government project, she is grateful for this second chance. But as the new Lou re-adapts to her old routines, and as she bonds with other female victims, she realizes that disturbing questions remain about what exactly preceded her death and how much she can really trust those around her.

Now it’s not enough to care for her child, love her husband, and work the job she’s always enjoyed—she must also figure out the circumstances of her death.

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Why I love it

Those of us who consume serial killer stories are pretty familiar with the normal narratives: a detective hunting a killer, a family searching for answers . . . but how about a victim seeking justice for herself?

My Murder by Katie Williams is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever read before—even (no, especially) if you’re a seasoned reader of the genre. A speculative thriller set in a near-future world where virtual reality is the norm and a replication commission clones dead people in order to bring them back to life. When we are first introduced to Lou she is slowly readjusting to the life she lost since being murdered by a serial killer and subsequently brought back into existence. She leans on her loving husband, Silas and tries to find her footing with her newborn baby, Nova, while returning to her steady job that celebrates her return with WELCOME BACK cupcakes. But eventually, Lou begins to believe that there’s much more to her own murder than what she’s been led to believe.

Beyond the immaculate prose, the propulsive plot, and the multiple twists you will not see coming, My Murder is a tale about identity and the power of choice. It’s about reclaiming your autonomy and all the different paths a single life can take—a social commentary about both motherhood and the digital world we live in written in a strikingly original voice. This is a story that simply can’t be cloned.

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Member ratings (3,574)

  • Patti D.

    Canton, MI

    Wow!I’m a mystery fan but this was so far out of my lane! It took awhile to “get it” ie its futuristic but what a wild ride!Read carefully.. it’s a little hard to follow but you won’t regret it!

  • Theresa S.

    Gresham, OR

    What an interesting concept. In this story I was left wondering who would decide who gets to come back and who doesn't. What a dilemma. Something I don't think I'll have to worry about in my lifetime

  • Holly F.

    New York, NY

    Super fresh, original, and altogether an amazing concept. I was very pleasantly surprised at the skill of the writing itself, which doesn’t always deliver in these kinds of books. Highly recommend.

  • Heather C.

    Seattle, WA

    I gave this book a love heart, which is rare. I don't think it's one I'll pick up over and over again and cherish. But I do think it will pop into my head unexpectedly and I will keep discovering it.

  • Illysa H.

    Asheville, NC

    As far as a thriller or mystery, somewhat lacking (that element didn’t even show up until almost halfway thru). However, the existential questions and sci-fi elements were amazing! Enjoyed this!