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One by One by Ruth Ware

One by One

Repeat author

Ruth Ware is back at Book of the Month – other BOTMs include One Perfect Couple and The It Girl and The Lying Game and The Turn of the Key and The Woman in Cabin 10.

by Ruth Ware

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A tech-fueled mystery in a glamping-worthy locale. It’s the entertaining puzzle you need to lose yourself in.

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Getting snowed in at a beautiful, rustic mountain chalet doesn’t sound like the worst problem in the world, especially when there’s a breathtaking vista, a cozy fire, and company to keep you warm. But what happens when that company is eight of your coworkers…and you can’t trust any of them?

When an off-site company retreat meant to promote mindfulness and collaboration goes utterly wrong when an avalanche hits, the corporate food chain becomes irrelevant and survival trumps togetherness. Come Monday morning, how many members short will the team be?

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One by One

From the "About Us" page of the Snoop company website:

Hey. We're snoop. Come meet us, message us, snoop on us—whatever. We're pretty cool. Are you?

Topher St. Claire-Bridges

Who’s the daddy? Well, if anyone’s got a claim, it’s Toph. snoop co-founder (along with ex-girlfriend, model/artist/professional badass @evalution), it all started here. If he’s not at his desk, he’s probably riding the moguls in Chamonix, losing his mind in Berlin’s Berghain, or just hangin’. Come find him on snoop at @xtopher or hit him up via his PA Inigo Ryder—the only dude who gets to tell Topher what to do.

Listening to: Oscar Mulero / Like a Wolf

Eva van den Berg

From Amsterdam to Sydney, New York to London, Eva’s career has taken her all over the world—but right now home is Shoreditch, London, where she lives with her husband, financier Arnaud Jankovitch, and their daughter, Radisson. In 2015 she co-founded snoop with her then life partner @xtopher—their idea born of a single desire: to maintain their connection across 5000 km of ocean. Topher and Eva have since uncoupled, but their connection remains: snoop. Make your own connection with Eva on @evalution, or via her personal assistant Ani Cresswell.

Listening to: Nico / Janitor of Lunacy

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Why I love it

We’ve all had to get used to isolation this year, but I think you’ll be relieved not to find yourself isolated in the middle of a snowy wilderness with these characters as they find themselves cut off from the rest of the world and, one by one, each meet their grisly fates…

Ruth Ware’s latest mystery takes place in a fabulously escapist setting: a mountainside chalet in the French ski resort of St Antoine, so atmospherically depicted that it's like a character itself. There, we follow the chalet’s guests, the shareholders and employees of a sexy new music app called Snoop, who are vying, perhaps dangerously, for a stake in the company’s future. Things begin to pick up when, one at a time, the guests begin to go missing.

One by One gave me all the joy of reading a classic whodunnit but with a thoroughly modern sensibility. I particularly loved the glamorous roster of characters, each keeping their own secrets close to their chests, especially the chalet's staff, who provide a fantastic upstairs/downstairs dynamic as the tensions among them all begin to build. In classic Ruth Ware style, there’s much delightful “Golden Age” inspiration here, but also a modern freshness and all the pace and compulsion of a psychological thriller. This is the perfect read to hunker down with as the nights begin to draw in—preferably beside a roaring fire with a blanket over your knees and a wary glance or two over your shoulder…

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Member ratings (12,088)

  • Jill C.

    Overland Park, KS

    Ruth Ware’s best book since “The Woman in Cabin 10”. Has similar notes to Lucy Foley’s “The Hunting Party” and Agatha Christie’s masterpiece, “And Then There Were None”. A great who-dun-it book!

  • Oxana T.

    Denver, CO

    Love books like this! I kept trying to figure out “why”? I just kept trying to flip back to the earlier pages to see if I missed it and then it was like a revelation… great “who dun it” book I love it

  • Robin E.

    Westminster , MD

    I love Ruth ware!! I haven’t read one book I haven’t liked. She’s dimensional and throws you off until the very end. Please read this book! Read them all! Oh, don’t get trapped in a snow storm Loved!!

  • Brenda M.

    Milford, PA

    It was really hard to put down. I agree it was easy to figure out the “who” but the “why” is what kept me reading. A lot of twists and turns and great suspense. I also enjoyed the two points of view.

  • Katie S.

    Chesapeake, VA

    I love reading books by Ruth Ware! The “who” did it part was easy to figure out, but the “why” was the interesting part! Having it set at a secluded cabin during an avalanche made it more thrilling!

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