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The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood
Literary fiction

The Blind Assassin

by Margaret Atwood

Excellent choice

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Why I love it

Margaret Atwood's masterpiece is a genre-bending novel that's the literary equivalent of a Russian nesting doll, hurtling from detective noir and sci-fi to romance and back again. The Blind Assassin contains a story within a story within a whole other story, but its ultimate mystery concerns matters of the heart, as so many of the best stories do.

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Member ratings (448)

  • Devan M.

    Bellefonte, PA

    Exquisite. I loved the story within a story, the witty & reflective passages about aging, the incisive examination of traditional gender roles, & the way she captured humans’ yearning to be remembered

  • Kirstyn E.

    Cameron, NC

    Margaret Atwood captivates you from the first paragraph. In her typical style, she creates a foggy picture of a character that titilates you enough so you can't stop and suddenly, she sweeps you away.

  • Jessica R.

    Madison, AL

    This was definitely a slow build. I was intrigued by the narrative structure. I loved how neatly everything came together in the end and felt like a lost and great friend as I flipped the last page.

  • Heather L.

    Mayslick, KY

    I mean, it’s Margaret Atwood, and that speaks well enough for this book. I loved the framework narrative in this one and since it’s been a few years, it’s made its way back into my tbr pile.

  • Jessica K.

    Madison, WI

    Despite the slow parts, I fell in love with this book. Tragic and tender in parts, it tugged at my heart, while also laughing at the inner thoughts of an 80 year old woman. Beautifully written.

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