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The Future by Naomi Alderman

The Future

by Naomi Alderman

Quick take

From the author of The Power, a bracing new dystopian novel about a near-future riven by inequality and climate change.

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    400+ pages

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    Multiple viewpoints

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When Martha Einkorn fled her father’s isolated compound in Oregon, she never expected to find herself working for a powerful social media mogul hell-bent on controlling everything. Now, she’s surrounded by mega-rich companies designing private weather, predictive analytics, and covert weaponry, while spouting technological prophecy. Martha may have left the cult, but if the apocalyptic warnings in her father’s fox and rabbit sermon—once a parable to her—are starting to come true, how much future is actually left?

Across the world, in a mall in Singapore, Lai Zhen, an internet-famous survivalist, flees from an assassin. She’s cornered, desperate and—worst of all—might die without ever knowing what's going on. Suddenly, a remarkable piece of software appears on her phone telling her exactly how to escape. Who made it? What is it really for? And if those behind it can save her from danger, what do they want from her, and what else do they know about the future?

Martha and Zhen’s worlds are about to collide. An explosive chain of events is set in motion. While a few billionaires assured of their own safety lead the world to destruction, Martha’s relentless drive and Zhen’s insatiable curiosity could lead to something beautiful or the cataclysmic end of civilization.

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Why I love it

Do you love thinking about the end of the world? Me neither. I do, however, love an ambitious book that is as engrossing as it is intelligent. Cue The Future: a thrilling dystopian novel with enough twists to grip even those of us actively working not to think about potential planetary doom.

In a near-future dystopian world, three tech billionaires effectively control the economy and wield immense political power. They manipulate data, dictate the news, and exploit natural resources while secretly preparing for the global catastrophe they are instigating, leaving society none the wiser.

After receiving individual apocalyptic warnings, they calmly evacuate to their respective bunkers to wait out the nearing cataclysm. But then our focus shifts to the struggling 99%. We meet refugee-turned-survivalist-influencer Lai Zhen and executive assistant Martha Einkorn as they face the end of the world and grapple with questions of how far they would go to save it. Weaving big ideas with resonant real-world issues, we are taken on a wild ride through everything from online doomsday prepping forums to the Book of Genesis.

Naomi Alderman’s storytelling is a captivating blend of the fantastical and eerily prescient, gripping from the opening line to the last page. The Future is a must-read for those who appreciate well-crafted, thought-provoking fiction with a distinct view of the world.

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Member ratings (310)

  • Zoe A.

    Philadelphia, PA

    I had all the expectations of a Naomi Alderman book and that was it and she still BLEW MY MIND. Absolutely brilliant and also unexpectedly validating. I loved the POVs and how they were used.

  • Kelsey M.

    Beach Haven, NJ

    I actually felt that this was much smoother and easier to read than The Power. I loved this book and the transition between characters. I loved the power but I found this book even better.

  • Christina L.

    Minneapolis, MN

    Really fun read, a bit of a wild ride. The timeline could be hard to keep track of, though I think that was also on purpose, and I think the end could have been a bit clearer.

  • Devon T.

    Layton, UT

    One of my top 2023 reads. This was FUN. And smart. Like an episode of Black Mirror but with extra heart. Will now read everything by this author.

  • Amy S.

    Duluth, MN

    This was incredible- engrossing a statement on our current times. This will sit with me for a long time.