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The Gentleman’s Gambit by Evie Dunmore
Historical romance

The Gentleman’s Gambit

by Evie Dunmore

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Quick take

While juggling writer’s block and suffrage activism, an Oxford woman finds her priorities challenged by a new scholar.

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Deeply introverted Catriona lives for her work at Oxford and her fight for women’s suffrage. She dreams of romance, too, but since all her attempts at love have ended badly, she now keeps her desires firmly locked inside her head—until she climbs out of a Scottish loch after a good swim and finds herself rather exposed to her new colleague.

Elias Khoury has wheedled his way into Professor Campbell’s circle under false pretenses: he did not come to Oxford to classify ancient artifacts, he is determined to take them back to his homeland in the Middle East. Winning Catriona’s favor could be the key to his success. Unfortunately, seducing the coolly intense lady scholar quickly becomes a mission in itself and his well-laid plans are in danger of derailing…

Forced into close proximity in Oxford’s hallowed halls, two very different people have to face the fact that they might just be a perfect match. Soon, a risky new game begins that asks Catriona one more time to put her heart and wildest dreams at stake.

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The Gentleman’s Gambit

Chapter 1

Applecross, Scotland, July 1882

In a world run by loud people, quiet was a scarce commodity. Catriona was willing to pay for it and she knew all the ways to acquire some solitude. The one thing she couldn’t do was store it in her veins for later use—a pity, because tonight at seven o’clock, a stranger would invade her home.

For now, she had sought refuge in the cool waters of Loch Shieldaig. The lake of her childhood home filled her ears with the heavy silence of a tomb. She floated on her back, her bare white body stark against the black depths, her arms outspread as if trying to embrace the blue expanse of sky above. Now and then a wave lapped over her face, leaving a brackish taste in her throat. Had she known her father would invite a guest to the family seat, she would have thought twice about coming up to Applecross for the summer. One assumed that a remote castle was free from the distractions that lurked back at Oxford: sociable friends. The suffrage cause. The lingering awkwardness of an unrequited crush. Where could she work on a book in peace if not here?

The visitor’s presence would make her feel alien in her own dining hall. She’d do her duty and play hostess, of course. At five-and-twenty, she knew the protocol: hold his gaze, smile slightly, and put her comfort last. Ask light questions about his travels and research plans, all while discreetly observing his plate and wineglass in case the footmen failed to anticipate his needs on time. She did have an eye for detail. Luckily, most people did not. Few ever saw the true emotions behind her mask. The visitor, too, would be none the wiser that she was wishing him away.

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Why I love it

Every so often a new writer emerges on the scene and their storytelling captures the attention and acclaim of readers and fellow authors alike. Evie Dunmore is one such writer. When Bringing Down the Duke debuted, I was immediately intrigued and wondered if it could possibly live up to the hype. To say I was blown away by Evie’s writing would be an understatement. With her gloriously lush prose, knife-sharp dialogue, and fierce, feminist characters, I was captivated—a happy condition I experienced all over again with Evie’s newest, The Gentleman’s Gambit.

The book begins with a banger of a meet cute between Lady Catriona Campbell, an introverted scholar and suffragist struggling through writer’s block, and Elias Khoury, a visiting scholar who’s more than he seems. As their interactions turn from awkward and strained to brimful with sexual tension, readers are treated to endearing introspection and whip-smart banter. The fantastic character exchanges are not just reserved for Catriona and Elias, but also Catriona and her friends. If you’re a fan of Evie’s previous books, you will adore the past character cameos in this installment.

While the romance between Catriona and Elias is at the heart of this story, the record of cultural repatriation Evie weaves throughout is its soul. Rich with detail and never shying from the ugly side of history, The Gentleman’s Gambit is sure to charm fans of historical fiction and romance alike!

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Member ratings (1,761)

  • Piper R.

    Tulsa, OK

    A great finale to the league of extraordinary gentlewomen series—though now I’m sad it’s over! I’m autistic and felt so seen by the way Catriona was written, though the author just calls her “gifted”.

  • Bridgette L.

    Carbondale, IL

    OMG this book was so good and the epilogue brought me chills and tears. Such a beautiful story and of course lovely characters. Seems like this is the last book in the series, which is sad! 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Sarah K.

    Mount Rainier, MD

    If you’re on book 4 of this series, you know you’re getting top-notch steamy scenes and a complex breakdown of the history of women’s rights in England. While great, it was the weakest actual story.

  • Kate B.

    Kentwood, MI

    Love! Love the MC and the love story! I think the heist could have been a little more thought out, same with the epilogue, but that’s okay! Tied up the loose ends of the series and made me smile ❤️

  • Harlie P.

    Boston, MA

    I believe this may be the conclusion of the series… unless peregrin gets his book! This was a wonderful conclusion that I could not put down. I only wish that it was a double epilogue to get more C&E!

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