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The Intern by Michele Campbell
Legal thriller

The Intern

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by Michele Campbell

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This tense struggle between a crooked judge and her intern will amp your pulse and have you looking over your shoulder.

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Madison Rivera lands the internship of a lifetime working for Judge Kathryn Conroy. But Madison has a secret that could destroy her career. Her troubled younger brother Danny has been arrested, and Conroy is the judge on his case.

When Danny goes missing after accusing the judge of corruption, Madison’s quest for answers brings her deep into the judge’s glamorous world. Is Kathryn Conroy a mentor, a victim, or a criminal? Is she trying to help Madison or use her as a pawn? And why is somebody trying to kill her?

As the two women circle each other in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game, will they save each other, or will betrayal leave one of them dead?

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Why I love it

When I received an advanced reader copy of The Intern, I knew I was in for a treat because Michele Campbell does not disappoint. What I didn’t know was that I was holding her best work yet. Sharply written and masterfully plotted, Campbell weaves a brilliantly layered story featuring strong female characters who are forced to decide between doing the right thing or doing right by their families.

Meet Harvard law student Madison Rivera, who has just been offered the chance to intern for Judge Kathryn Conroy, a woman she greatly idolizes. It’s a dream come true, there’s just one hitch: Madison’s brother has been arrested, and his case has been assigned to Conroy. Fearing she’ll lose the internship if she discloses her brother is on the judge’s docket, Madison opts to keep it a secret—but she’s not the only one keeping secrets, and some are much more dangerous than others. When her brother goes missing after accusing the judge of corruption, Madison starts digging into Conroy’s life and quickly realizes not everything is as it seems with her idol. The two women have something to gain both from working together and working against one another—but which will they choose, and can they trust that they’ll both be on the same page?

Part legal thriller, part cat-and-mouse page turner, The Intern is fully addictive and should be your next read. I rest my case.

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Member ratings (10,888)

  • Alexandria A.

    Lakewood, OH

    I loved this one, I could not put it down. You can’t help but root for Madison and Kathy. They both have such strained pasts, I loved reading both POVs. There are so many layers to this. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

  • Nicole F.

    Lyndhurst, OH

    I really enjoyed this one! It was the perfect palette cleanser after reading a lot of fantasy. My only complaint is I felt Kathryn’s POV wasn’t as fleshed out as Madison’s. Loved the ending though!

  • Meghan N.

    Peoria, AZ

    One of the best books I’ve ever read! It was full of thrills, good guys, bad guys, crime, all the things that make a thriller exciting! I couldn’t put it down and was so curious how it all would end.

  • Karmen K.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Movie-ish and loved the two POV with overlapping timelines. They connect very well and you can’t help but root for Madison and Judge. You fall in love with the Judge.Can you imagine if this were real?

  • Kelsey A.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    I loved learning about the two women who lead this story and how their past brought them together. A great reminder that you don’t have to be defined by your upbringing and to fight for what you want.