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The Lies We Told by Camilla Way

The Lies We Told

by Camilla Way

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When her boyfriend disappears, Clara must sort through his family's web of lies to discover where he went—and if it's too late to save him.

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When Clara's boyfriend, Luke, disappears, everyone believes that he's left her, but Clara thinks she knows the truth. Recent evidence suggests that Luke had a stalker, and Clara worries that he's been kidnapped. Then Luke's older sister, Emma, who vanished twenty years ago, suddenly reappears.

Emma wants to help Clara with her search for Luke, but she refuses to talk about what happened—even though it nearly destroyed her family when she vanished. And the deeper Clara digs into Luke's mysterious disappearance, the more convinced she is that the two incidents are connected.

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Why I love it

“At first I mistook the severed head for something else.” The first sentence of this book had me SHOOK. I was so intrigued that I didn’t stop reading until I reached the last page! The Lies We Told contains two heart-pounding, twisty plots—and I could. Not. Wait. To see how they came together.

Cambridge, 1980: Beth and her husband tried for years to have a child until they were finally blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Hannah. But as their little bundle of joy starts to grow up, it appears she might be a little ... disturbed?

London, 2017: Clara has the perfect life ahead of her, until her boyfriend doesn’t come home one night. Where could he be? And could his disappearance have anything to do with his sister, who vanished twenty years earlier?

This was exactly the deliciously disturbing mystery I was looking for! The book contains a creepy, soulless villain—in fact, the most evil character I have read in a long time—delivered in a drama-filled thriller full of secrets and lies. Told back and forth between past and present, Way perfectly teases out the pieces of the puzzles, so that just when you think you might know what is happening, everything gets turned around again. Perfect for readers of Ruth Ware and Shari Lapena, The Lies We Told is a high-octane mystery that will have you racing through the pages.

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Member ratings (10,457)

  • Amy R.

    Scottsdale, AZ

    Such a fast read that left my skin crawling. Half the time you’re rooting for the characters, half the time you’re yelling at them why are you so dumb?! Then the last five chapters you’re going WHAT?!

  • Asia A.

    Omaha, NE

    Goodness I don’t know what took me so long to read this book! It was full of twists and turns and kept me guessing. It is definitely one of the what’s done in the dark will come to light type of books

  • Kellen H.

    Mingo Junction , OH

    It was a great book to read! I couldn’t put this book down! The twist and turn of the book really drew me in so deeply I couldn’t stop reading until it was done! The ending was good but wish it didnt!

  • Gabrielle T.

    Pekin, IL

    I couldn’t put this book down! I usually take about 2 weeks to finish a book with my crazy schedule, I finished it in 5-6 days. I’m not a book expert by any means but this book was seriously consuming

  • Sarah B.

    Thornton, CO

    This book gave me the creeps! The aurthor did AMAZING with developing Hannah, and I loved all the twists at the end! Lastly, I loved how the book wasn’t completely resolved at the end, PERFECT ending!