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The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

The Paris Apartment

Repeat author

Lucy Foley is back at Book of the Month – other BOTMs include The Guest List and The Hunting Party.

by Lucy Foley

Quick take

Sometimes you visit the City of Lights and the vibe is just off ... you know what I mean? Looking at you, neighbors.

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Jess needs a fresh start. She’s broke and alone, and she’s just left her job under less than ideal circumstances. Her half-brother Ben didn’t sound thrilled when she asked if she could crash with him for a bit, but he didn’t say no, and surely everything will look better from Paris. Only when she shows up—to find a very nice apartment, could Ben really have afforded this?—he’s not there.

The longer Ben stays missing, the more Jess starts to dig into her brother’s situation, and the more questions she has. Ben’s neighbors are an eclectic bunch, and not particularly friendly. Jess may have come to Paris to escape her past, but it’s starting to look like it’s Ben’s future that’s in question.

The socialite – The nice guy – The alcoholic – The girl on the verge – The concierge

Everyone’s a neighbor. Everyone’s a suspect. And everyone knows something they’re not telling.

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Why I love it

There’s something so wonderfully satisfying about settling in with a new book you know won’t disappoint—and Lucy Foley has established herself as that kind of trusted author. In The Paris Apartment, a deliciously creepy and clever whodunit told in alternating points of view, we’re treated to yet another atmospheric page-turner and writing that feels simply effortless, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell and Ruth Ware.

As you might imagine, the eerie Paris apartment where this mystery unfolds is its own wonderfully drawn character, a swanky but unsettling old building with walls that seem to know something we don’t. The Paris Foley gives us in this novel isn’t one of charm and romance; it’s dark and menacing. Like the cast of distinctive characters led by down-and-out heroine Jess, determined to find out what’s happened to her journalist-brother Ben, who is nowhere to be found when she shows up to visit from London. As Jess meets Ben’s dysfunctional neighbors one by one, she begins to suspect that nobody in the apartment is as innocent as they want her to believe…

A treat to devour—especially those last revealing chapters!—The Paris Apartment is yet another entertaining and escapist mystery from the talented Lucy Foley.

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Member ratings (46,689)

  • Amanda S.

    Cedar Grove, WI

    Loved this plot line, though seemingly slow at times, it kept me hooked to the end. Another great novel from Foley. Everything came together very nicely for a wonderfully surprise twist. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Paighton B.

    Oklahoma City, OK

    I was screaming the whole time I was reading!!!! The start was a little bit slow for my taste, but once it got going, I had to lock my door. This book definitely gave me the spooks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Laura C.

    Conshohocken, PA

    Beginning was a bit slow but wow did it pick up! Up there with “The Guest List!” Twists and turns with some I saw coming, and some I kicked myself for not seeing sooner. Really enjoyed this story! ❤️

  • Crystal W.

    Ellensburg, WA

    Lucy Foley does it again! It’s twisty, fast-paced, and full of surprises right up to the end. The characters were likable (even if they weren’t necessarily “good”) and the mystery element was awesome!

  • Laura H.

    Middlefield, CT

    Excellent book! Strong characters, intense story that kept me from putting down the book. The surprises gave me many “wow!” moments! Everyone needs to read this! I can’t wait for Lucy Foley’s next