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The Resort by Sara Ochs

The Resort


We love supporting debut authors. Congrats, Sara Ochs, on your first book!

by Sara Ochs

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Welcome to the party! This remote Thai island might have dead bodies piling up but don’t fret. Here, have a drink.

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Welcome to paradise. We hope you survive your stay…

There are three rules to follow during a vacation at the famous Koh Sang Resort.

1 – Leave the past behind.

When Cass sets foot on the coast of Thailand’s world-famous party island, she’s searching for an escape. With dark secrets following her every move, Koh Sang becomes the perfect place to hide.

2 - Always be careful who you trust.

Now, years later, Cass is a local dive instructor alongside the Permanents, a group of expats who have claimed the island as their own. The Permanents don’t linger on who they were before the island. Simply because, like Cass, they all have something to outrun.

3 – If someone discovers who you really are, run.

But suddenly, a dive student is found dead and paradise comes crashing down. Because this isn’t the first mysterious death on the island, and it won’t be the last. Someone knows who Cass is and they’re ready to make sure justice is finally served.

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Content warning

This book contains mentions of self-harm and scenes that depict sexual assault.

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The Resort



The bass thumps from somewhere behind me, echoing the beat of the blood pulsing in my ears. I look back at the group I’ve left behind. Bodies painted in flashy greens and sickeningly sweet pinks rub against each other. Cheap beer froths out of gold and green bottles while friends sip collectively from fishbowls filled with noxious blue liquids. Farther down, a dancer swirls a hoop of fire for the acclaim of an impressed—and extremely intoxicated—crowd.

Everything suddenly seems hazy, like I’m watching it all unfold from outside my body. A neon cacophony of color set to music that’s become nothing more than one long blurred note, deep enough and loud enough to shake my chest bones. My muscles are heavy, and I need to remind myself to breathe, like my body has forgotten to engage in its normal functions. Maybe they put something in my drink to make this easier. Or maybe I’m just intoxicated with the knowledge. The awareness that time is running out.

I call back toward the group, pleading for anyone to help me. But it’s no use. The raucousness blasting from the party’s speakers sweeps down the beach like an avalanche, picking up my voice and carrying it away into the silence.

I thought I could do this myself. That I was smarter than them, that I could figure out the darkness that lives on this island and stop it from hurting anyone else.

But I was wrong.

I made a mistake. I trusted the wrong person. I should have known better after everything that happened.

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Why I love it

I love to escape into books, especially during New York winters when the weather is so cold that I would rather be anywhere else. Enter: The Resort. Set on a remote island in Thailand, the lush tropical setting and devious cast of characters with hidden agendas made this book the perfect escapist read.

Cass has been a resident of the Koh Sang Resort for a while now, its sandy beaches and remote location providing the perfect place for her to hide from her past. She’s even found a small family in the other expats that have inhabited the island and now call themselves the “Permanents.” It is literally paradise—until Cass discovers one of her students dead on a diving expedition. It was probably an accident… Except this isn’t the first suspicious death at the Koh Sang Resort. As more questions arise, Cass will start to question who her friends really are and if her past has finally come back to haunt her.

The Resort is the type of thriller that will keep you on your toes. Just when you think you know what’s what, Sara Ochs throws in a twist that you couldn’t possibly see coming. Take the plunge and enjoy the secrets that lie just beneath the surface in this juicy thriller.

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