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The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth

The Soulmate

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by Sally Hepworth

Quick take

When an old acquaintance dies, it dredges up demons of the past that threaten to unravel a seemingly perfect marriage.

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There’s a cottage on a cliff. Gabe and Pippa’s dream home in a sleepy coastal town. But their perfect house hides something sinister. The tall cliffs have become a popular spot for people to end their lives. Night after night Gabe comes to their rescue, literally talking them off the ledge. Until he doesn’t.

When Pippa discovers Gabe knew the victim, the questions spiral . . . Did the victim jump? Was she pushed?

And would Gabe, the love of Pippa’s life, her soulmate . . . lie? As the perfect facade of their marriage begins to crack, the deepest and darkest secrets begin to unravel.

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Content warning

This book contains scenes depicting suicide.

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Why I love it

You think you know this one. The beautiful couple with the perfect house, the perfect life, the perfect marriage. Then something shocking—something violent—happens, and what once looked so perfect reveals itself to be more complicated, messier. It’s the set-up for dozens of domestic thrillers, but after just a few pages of Sally Hepworth’s The Soulmate, you’ll realize she’s taking you somewhere further. In fact, she’s taking you right up to the edge—and over.

Gabe and Pippa have settled into a beautiful cottage by the sea. Only drawback? The cliffs that their house sits on act as a dark lure for people who want to take their own lives. Luckily, compassionate Gabe has developed a knack for talking people back from the edge while Pippa, watching from the window, calls the authorities.

Until Amanda.

When Amanda goes over the cliffs, it’s a tragedy, not a mystery. Or is it? Because Pippa can’t be sure what she saw as Gabe approached the woman on the cliffs that night, and when she learns that Amanda and Gabe knew one another, suspicions begin to spiral into paranoia.

Told in alternating points of view between Pippa and Amanda, The Soulmate is the perfect thriller. Twisty, fun, and compelling in that I know I should go to bed, but this new twist means I’m up until at least 3 AM way. But it also cuts into the murky heart of a marriage, asking questions about trust, fidelity, the secrets we keep, and the things we’ll do for love.

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Member ratings (26,637)

  • Melissa Y.

    Dyersburg, TN

    I adored this book! I loved how it was written from 2 perspectives and went from “now” to “then” and “before” to “after”. I went through every emotion with the characters and couldn’t put my book down

  • Erin H.

    Liberty lake, WA

    Loved the different characters perspectives. Also thought having Amanda’s character in her state was super interesting. Some parts were pretty predictable but overall I enjoyed the story. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Nicole S.

    Lochubuie, CO

    Really great storyline. Easy to follow and such an interesting way to present characters. Nothing like I expected it to be. Such great twists. Would highly recommend this one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Alexandra H.

    Earlville, IL

    4/5 ⭐️ This book was sooo good! The only thing I wish was different was that there was a huge twist. It was twisty, but while it wasn’t predictable they weren’t huge! I would read again & recommend!

  • Bethani D.

    Redding , CA

    I’m stuck between love and like. I read it in a span of a couple of days and it definitely held my attention, I’m just not sure I would categorize this as a thriller. I think it’s closer to a mystery.