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At BOTM, we only pick thrillers with high stakes and big, murdery payoffs. If we say a book is cleverly-plotted, fast-paced, or freaking terrifying, we mean it.

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    When I’m Dead
    The Soulmate
    The Other Mothers
    Bright Young Women
    What Lies in the Woods
    She Started It
    People Like Her
    Dark Corners
    Blacktop Wasteland
    All the Dangerous Things
    The Only Survivors
    Things We Do in the Dark
    The Golden Couple
    The Collective
    Gone Tonight
    Too Good to Be True
    The Last Word
    You Are Not Alone
    Rock Paper Scissors
    A Flicker in the Dark
    Reckless Girls
    The Wife Upstairs
    The Last Thing He Told Me
    The Maidens
    Everything We Didn't Say
    Invisible Girl
    The Paris Apartment
    The Wife Between Us
    None of This Is True
    The Silent Patient
    The Winter Sister
    The Family Remains
    Before She Knew Him
    Daisy Darker
    The Other Woman
    Necessary People
    The Family Upstairs
    The Night Swim
    The Girl in the Mirror
    The Writing Retreat
    Just Another Missing Person
    First Born