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    The Second Chance Year by Melissa Wiesner

    The Second Chance Year

    With her life in free fall, a young woman wishes for a redo year...and wakes to find to her surprise the wish granted.

    Let Us Descend by Jesmyn Ward
    Literary fiction

    Let Us Descend

    Haunting and haunted, this is the powerful story of an enslaved girl seeking redemption with the help of her ancestors.

    The Other Mothers by Katherine Faulkner

    The Other Mothers

    Peeking beneath the pleasant veneer of a wealthy suburb, a twisty exploration of the fraught bonds between mothers.

    Tomb Sweeping by Alexandra Chang
    Short stories

    Tomb Sweeping

    Brimming with warmth and vibrancy, this beautiful debut collection of stories asks sharp questions about modern life.

    Gwen & Art Are Not in Love by Lex Croucher
    Young adult

    Gwen & Art Are Not in Love

    Come hang out, we’re queering Camelot. Sword fighting, found family, and first love—all the medieval hijinks are here!

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